Spotify: Create personalized “Time Capsule” playlist

Written by on September 29, 2020

Some of us can’t help but reminisce on a simpler time as 2020 continues to get crazier and crazier, and Spotify is helping make that nostalgia a bit easier.

The streaming service, having noticed an influx of throwback-themed playlists in recent months, unveiled on Monday (Sept. 28) its new version of Time Capsule, a personalized playlist that helps “listeners lean into their musical pasts.”

The new playlist can be found in the “Made for You” section or in the Decades Hub on Spotify’s mobile app. Because the playlists are literally made for you and based on the country you live in, genres you listen to and your age, no two listeners have the same mix. Additionally, the list of 50 songs keeps it fresh by frequently switching up the included tracks.

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With The Shark playing your favorites from the 70’s and 80’s from Monday thru Friday then Reggae on the weekends.
This will be a perfect way to have your favorites all on one playlist.

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