GDOL: The wait is over, you can now file for new PUA

Written by on March 25, 2021

The Guam Department of Labor has given the green light to apply for the current round of PUA.

GDOL director Dave Dell’Isola made the announcement Thursday on Newstalk K57’s The Bright Side show hosted by Pauly Suba.

“I am happy to report that based on initial testing and a long meeting with our system vendor, that we got the thumbs up for everybody to go ahead and file your weekly. Even those who are exhausted can now start to put it in and file it,” Dell’Isola said.

Although the American Rescue Plan was passed two weeks ago, Dell’Isola repeatedly advised the island to hold off on filing for the program.

He had to wait for guidance from his federal counterparts as well as wait for the PUA system’s vendor to update the program and conduct testing.

Today, the island’s wait is finally over.

“Everybody go ahead and start filing. And everybody that initially got the..exhausted your claims, should magically get changed over without any effort. And I want to say there still could be a little glitch but we are running all the way through this weekend…testing and testing…to make sure that everything is running well, but all things indicate that we’re good to go,” Dell’Isola said.

Dell’Isola said that people who were at week 51 for PUA will log in and see that they’re now at week 1.

The current PUA program will run until September 6th.

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